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Get To Know Us.

meraPaisa is Financial Wellness Platform for Youth - a FiBit of Finance - for 77% of Pakistan's Population.
Create amazing Food, Tavel, Entertaintment experiences with us and learn how to #plan #save #invest for the future.

Impact FinTech

meraPaisa is an "Impact FinTech"​ helping members improve their financial wellness and making a positive impact on the world.
We help our members make a "positive difference in the world"​. A FinTech you can fall in love with: meraPaisa puts you and your principles first. At meraPaisa, Profit and purpose go hand-in-hand !

Financial Wellness Score

Change your Financial Status like never before, meraPaisa is an "Financial Wellness Platform" where members can know their Financial Wellness status by Financial Wellness Score.
5% of World’s Unbanked live in Pakistan! meraPaisa is on a mission to change that. Let’s build a better future, together!

Amazing Discounts

meraPaisa is platform where members can get amazing deals and discounts on Entertaintment, Travel, and Food. Through meraPaisa members can save, and plan by amazing discounts.
So what you are waiting for?
Join meraPaisa Family now, and learn how to #plan, #save and #invest for the future.

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Contact: (92 51) 5800163, 8358360-1

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Join meraPaisa & let's build a better World together !
meraPaisa is your partner in creating a positive difference in your world.

Fintech you can fall in love with

Do you want a happy, wealthy and wise life?
Sign Up now, and lets create amazing Entertainment, Food & Travel Experiences together!